The mail carrier damaged my order. How do get a replacement my broken item(s)?

Happy to help and sorry for any inconvenience they might have caused. Here's a step by step guide how to do so.

1. Take pictures of the damaged box with its shipping label and the broken item(s). Make it easy to understand what has happened.

2. Use your shipping confirmation email to write us an email about what has happened and which item(s) have been broken and need replacing.

3. Attach your photos to the email and send the email.

4. We will then get in touch with the next steps.

Photography Tips

1. Photograph an unobstructed surface like a table or a floor. It's safer cleanup if broken glass falls out.

2. Shoot during the day if you can. Night time shots should be taken on a well-lit surface. This helps with detail clarity.

3. Photograph the box with a legible view of the shipping label. This helps to establish who this is from and who it's for.

4. Take a picture of the item(s) inside the box. It tells a clearer picture of what happened in transit.

5. If it's safe to take out, take close-up pictures of each item. Keep the front label in view so we know which ones to replace.

6. Take as many photos as you need to tell what happened.

7. If you have an item that has a crack, take a picture the whole item with the front label. Then a close-up picture of the crack.

8. Camera phones work great because you have the files on hand if you don't have time to write us back when you photograph them.